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The procedure for the application for the UAB-specific master's or graduate diploma's title degrees consist of the following steps:

  1. Complete and sign (manually or with digital signature) the master's or graduate diploma's Degree Request Form. You must also provide a copy of your identity card or passport (front and back). Scan and delivery the documentation through:

  2. The Graduate School reviews your transcript. In order to obtain your degree, you must meet the following requirements:
    • To have approved the study with the official record of qualifications closed.
    • To have paid the full amount of tuition.
    • To have all documentation required for enrolment. In particular, it must be delivered in paper certified copy of the degree. When the university degree was obtained in a country other than Spain, it will need to be legalized and accompanied by the transcript with the corresponding original certification. Read the conditions for the legalization of documents.

  3. As soon as we review your transcript, we will contact you to confirm that you are ready to apply for your title's degree and to provide you with all the information about how to make payment of the associated academic fees (valid at the time of application to the Graduate School and only in case you are already eligible for obtaining the degree).

    The current fees for the academic year 2022-2023 are:
    • Master's degree and duplicate: € 211,47
    • Graduate diploma and duplicate: € 191,00
    • Certificate of achievement: € 70,00
      (If you have studied a graduate diploma without having completed previous university studies you can only apply for a certificate)

  4. You must send the payment receipt through:

  5. The time of issuance of the replacement certificate for the online applications is of 7 to 15 working days, from the moment we have verified the payment. In the case of in person applications, the receipt of the degree's application will be issued on the spot. In any case, the time of issue of the original title will be of six months, approximately. The replacement certificate has the same validity as the degree itself and will be the only document you will have during the issue of the original.

When the title is printed, you will be notified by email so you can pick it up. You can pick it up in person, with an appointment, providing your DNI, TIE or passport, or you can send an authorized person with a document of authorization. In this second case, this person must present an authorization document signed by you and the authorized person (document that you will find at the end of this page: authorization procedures) providing her/his DNI, TIE or passport and a photocopy of your DNI, TIE or passport.