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Legal procedures for relatives of students from outside the European Union

Relatives of students from outside the European Union (non-EU) - Basic information

Relatives of students from countries outside the European Union who intend to visit Spain must obtain a Type D visa for student relatives before leaving their country. This visa can be applied for at the nearest Spanish Consulate or Embassy.

Without this visa you will not be able to obtain the Authorised Stay permit necessary to stay legally in Spain.

It is important to anticipate the length of your stay beforehand as a Type D visa is only valid for 180 days (D Student 180 days) and once in Spain it is not possible either to renew the visa or apply for  an Authorised Stay Permit with a limited stay visa. If you anticipate staying for longer than 6 months, you will need to obtain a Type D Student Visa (open) before leaving your country.

Once in Spain it is not possible to change your visa. The only valid visa is the non-European international visa obtained from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate before arrival. Only relatives with Type D Student (open) visas can apply for the Authorised Stay Permit for Students on arrival in Spain.

The Stay Permit for Students is a temporary permit valid for the period of the studies in Spain. The permit is issued for a maximum of one academic year and is renewed annually. This document is proof of the legal right of the holder to remain in Spain.

On entering the European Union you have a maximum of  30 calendar days  to begin the application process for the Authorised Stay for Students Permit. For this purpose it is essential that you keep your flight tickets (boarding cards) or obtain an EU entry stamp at the airport when you go through customs.