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Master's Degrees and Graduate Diplomas (Continuing Education) in Political Sciences and Society

Master's Degrees Start date Places Modality
Demography Nov 24 20 Onsite
European Master in Demography Nov 23 20 Onsite
Interuniversity Master's Degree in Contemporary Migrations Oct 24 30 Onsite
Political Marketing: Strategies and Political Communication Oct 23 25 Onsite
Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy Nov 24 60 Online
Environmental Communication Jan 25 15 Online
Housing and City Feb 25 30 Onsite
Local Law and Management Oct 24 30 Online
Management of Political and Electoral Communication Feb 24 20 Online
Political Ecology Degrowth and Environmental Justice Oct 24 40 Onsite
Graduate Diplomas Start date Places Modality
Gender and Equality Oct 24 26 Onsite
Gender and Human Rights Oct 24 25 Online
Gender-Based Violence Oct 24 26 Onsite
Inter-university Graduate Diploma on Immigration: Rights and Social Cohesion Oct 24 30 Onsite
Peace Culture Oct 24 50 Onsite
Political Analysis and Communication Oct 23 10 Onsite
Political and Institutional Communication Feb 24 10 Onsite
Promoting Agroecological Farming at the Local Level Jan 24 30 Blended
Development of Internal Protection Plans Nov 23 25 Onsite
Local Law Oct 24 30 Online