Environment of research and transfer management


What is EGRETA?

EGRETA, Entorn per a la Gestió de la Recerca i la Transferència

EGRETA is the new research information management system of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) 

It is a versatile, interoperable and configurable software that allows managing research from the beginning to the end of its life cycle, keeping updated the data of publications and other research activities carried out by research staff.   

It facilitates the connection between research activities, enhances the visibility of the research community and promotes data transparency. 

It is synchronised with other data bases of the university, such as UAB Digital Repository of Documents (DDD), the Financial System (SUMMA) and the Human Resources System (HR) so that it is kept up-to-date and can collect information on publications from external sources.  

Information can also be added manually in order to ensure that the scientific activity of the research staff is complete in EGRETA’s personal profile.   

What do we use the EGRETA application for?  
  • EGRETA allows you to collect in a single space the information of the results obtained by the research community from articles, books, patents, agreements, datasets, awards...   

  • Increases the visibility and transparency of research at the UAB  thanks to the UAB RESEARCH PORTAL 

  • It allows to easily keep updated research activities and saves time by retrieving information from different databases (such as Scopus, WOS, Mendeley...)

  • It automatically generates FECY certified CVs (CVN and CVA) among others 

  • It allows to export the research output to other databases such as DDD, ORCID or Portal de Recerca de Catalunya (PRC).

  • It enables the generation of reports for strategic decision  making

On the other hand, system administrators (the Technological Research Office) are responsible for ensuring the quality of the scientific production data in the applicationn.  

They analyze the information that is introduced to help achieve the objectives of research and knowledge transfer with the highest guarantee of quality. For example, they can prepare detailed reports on the scientific output of the UAB, awards or any type of collaboration with other entities.   

EGRETA also serves to manage and track requests for awards, grants and concessions.   

                            Infografia EGRETA english


Who can access the EGRETA management system?  

EGRETA can be accessed by the entire research community as well the administration and services staff who perform research management tasks.  

To access EGRETA from the intranet you must use your institutional credentials, that is, your NIU and usual password.