Estudi canyons gel Mart

Mar's enormous spiral ice canyons are young and were formed by erosion

A research with the involvement of the UAB explains the origin and shape of the ice canyon system in the Martian north polar plateau, one of the solar system's largest megastructures. The research will aid in better understanding the great environmental changes undergone by the red planet throughout its history.

Josep Pons, honoris causa per la UAB

The UAB awards an honorary doctorate to music director Josep Pons

"I believe in the need for art, always, and particularly now in the times we are living", Josep Pons, music director of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, said in his acceptance speech after being awarded an honorary doctorate by the UAB on Wednesday 7 April. His sponsor, Professor Francesc Cortès, explained that the UAB and Josep Pons shared six qualities: a search for quality, commitment with modernity, a constructive spirit, social involvement, international projection, and promotion of youth.


Màrius Martínez davant del piano del Rectorat

Màrius Martínez, New President of the ECIU

UAB Vice President for International Relations Màrius Martínez was recently elected new president of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) in a session held by the ECIU Board on 19 March 2021. Until now, Martínez had been a member of the Presidium.