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Access to green space may protect against cardiovascular disease

A new study shows that cities with good tree cover and where the population perceives having access to parks or outdoor spaces can improve obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. A research team with the participation of ICTA-UAB publishes it in the journal Environmental Research.

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Same drug can have opposite effects on memory according to sexual differences

An investigation led by the INc-UAB, carried out from the study of a drug that modifies the memory of fear, shows for the first time that the neural processes and behaviours related to the formation of memory can be opposite between male and female mice. The study, published in Nature Communications, emphasizes the need for more basic and clinical research that includes females.

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Related to Gastrointestinal Problems and Eating Disorders

Researchers at the UAB Department of Clinical Psychology and Health, in collaboration with the University of Paris and the University Hospital of Montpellier, recently published a study which for the first time points to a relation between gastrointestinal and eating disorders among women suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

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Drug with antioxidant properties reverses cognitive impairment in mouse models of ageing

An international study with participation of the UAB evaluated the protective effects of Calcium dobesilate (CaD) for the treatment of cognitive disorders in physiological ageing. Results demonstrated in an animal model that weight loss, anxiety-like and cognitive impairments were reversed by the administration of the drug, while also inhibiting the oxidative stress in their brains.

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