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Registration allows your enrolment in the programme and grants you the rights for the degree’s title or certificate to the extent that the programme is fulfilled. To avoid any inconveniency with the required documentation, we advise you to register on the first day of the period established by the programme.

The enrolment process can be different depending on whether the master’s degree or graduate diploma is managed by the UAB or through an affiliated centre. We recommend that you follow the instructions in the "Enrolment" section of the master's degree or graduate diploma’s own website. Check out UAB’s full catalogue of UAB-specific masters’ degrees and graduate diplomas.


If you pass admission, you will receive by e-mail the instructions to enrol. Remember that you cannot enrol without having been admitted (see the Admission Application section).

You can enrol online or in person:

  • Online Enrolment:

    The online enrolment is done through the online application interface you'll find in the "Enrolment" section in the programme’s website (catalogue of UAB-specific masters’ degrees and graduate diplomas).

    To perform the online enrolment you have to consider the following steps:

    The interface will ask you to specify the study to which you want to enrol. To do this, you must enter the code of the study and of the edition of the chosen programme. You will find these data in the programme’s own website.

    For the enrolment you need a NIU (Number of Personal University Identification at UAB). Choose the appropriate option in your case:

    • Enrolment with NIU: If you are or have been a student at the UAB and remember your NIU and password, go directly to the enrolment.
    • Enrolment without NIU: If you are not a UAB student, or cannot remember your NIU and password, you must first create or retrieve your NIU and then you will be able to enrol.

    If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to, indicating your full name and the study code of the programme you want to enrol in.

    Remember that if you do the online enrolment, you will have to send your certified documents later by postal mail or to come in person with the original or certified documents (if with the original, we will certify them). You can do so at the User Information Office of the Graduate School. Maps and schedules.

    If you choose to pay by POS (card) and you don't pay the fee during enrolment, you can do it later through this link.


  • In-person Enrolment:

    The in-person enrolment is done at the User Information Office of the Graduate School with an appointment, in the UAB Campus. Maps and schedules.

    If you do in-person enrolment, remember that you need to bring:

    • Certified photocopy of the title or, for it to be certified here, original and photocopy.
    • Original academic transcript or certified copy.


In the case of master's degrees and/or graduate diplomas carried out in centres affiliated to UAB, you must consult the programme's own website in order to know the enrolment procedure.

If in doubt, consult with the coordination of the programme: just fill out the request form you will find in each masters' or graduate diplomas' own website (see the full catalogue of UAB-specific masters' degrees and graduate diplomas).

In exceptional cases it may be possible to request the modification or cancellation of the enrolment in a UAB master's degree, graduate diploma or specialisation. 

The cases in which it is possible to request the refund of the proportional amount paid as enrolment are:

a) For reasons that are not attributable to the student, for example, that the study is cancelled.
b) Serious illness or accident.
d) Any other exceptional circumstances (visa refusal, etc.), justified with documentation.

To submit it, you need to fill in the application form and submit it together with all the necessary documentation to formalize your request through the following link:

General Registry Access

At the time the cancellation of registration is granted, your academic transcript will also be affected and, therefore, will be displayed as if you had never enrolled. At this point cancellation will not be able to be invalidated.