China Scholarship Council

Based on Agreements/MOUs between the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and its foreign partners, this program is to reinforce long-term research collaboration and two-way staff/student mobility between designated foreign and Chinese universities. Scholarship opportunities will be available for talented students and academic staff from foreign universities to undertake a period of non-degree purpose study or scientific research at their Chinese partner universities 

There are two diferent options: First, the CSC doctoral students who come to study the entire doctorate at the UAB with CSC scholarships and that the UAB has an agreement to host, this time 20 it’s for students. Second, CSC scholarships for UAB students to stay at Chinese universities, which there is no agreement with the CSC for this but there is with Chinese universities. 

Find more information in the website of the China Scholarships Council and in this Oficial document.

And in the International Support Service of the UAB.