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The Erasmus+ Studies Program, KA131 2021/27 program, provides students with an academic stay at a university in an EU member state or in third countries associated with the Program (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey).

The recognition of studies will be done following the Learning Agreement (study agreement) that the student will have agreed with the exchange coordinator of his center, before leaving.

Each course opens a joint call for the Erasmus+ programs and the UAB Exchange Program among UAB students. The decision to award destination places in the call does not necessarily imply the granting of financial aid, which will depend on the approval of the budgets for the programs for the different institutions involved.

The student pays the tuition fee at the home university and enjoys free tuition at the host institution (except in cases where otherwise specified), where they are entitled to the same services that local students receive, in equal footing. The host university must provide the necessary information about the courses offered, accommodation possibilities and registration procedures.

Carrying out the exchange at the host university will not imply the right to obtain the degree at that institution.

Electronic signature

To carry out procedures with the UAB it is necessary to have a digital certificate to be able to sign the documents by means of an electronic signature. Consult all the information on the digital signature page.

You will find information on how to apply and attach documents at this link.


To apply for a place in the single call for the Erasmus+ program and the UAB Exchange Programme, you must complete the electronic application that you will find at:, section Students, Application and consultation OUT exchange (Outgoing Students).

Here you can find an explanatory video on how to apply and add documents.

Students will be able to choose between a maximum of 8 possible destinations and a minimum of 1 from the two programs. The duration options will be: annual, semester or semester if the annual stays have been sold out.

The electronic application will be available during the period in which the call is open.

The documentation justifying the accreditation of the language level must be enclosed in the electronic application within the deadline for the opening of the call.

Each student may submit only one electronic application for this call. Within the application, you can apply for places in both programs without distinction.

Only in the event that a student wants to do two stays, an Erasmus+ semester stay and a UAB Exchange Program semester stay during the same academic year, they will need to make two requests: one request corresponding to the mobility of the first semester in the one that can only choose destinations from a single program (Erasmus+ or UAB Exchange Programme) and a second application corresponding to the second semester in which only destinations from the other program can be chosen. It will only be possible to obtain two places in two different programs if the stays are semester-long and are carried out consecutively during the same academic year, that is, if there are no overlaps in the periods of stay.

For students who have submitted an application and have not obtained a place in the first resolution, or students who have obtained a place and have renounced it, a second application period is planned, in which they can opt to the places that have become vacant.
Acceptance or resignation of the position

The Vice-Rector's Office for International Relations will make public the decision on the allocation of places and the waiting list. The final award will always depend on acceptance by the destination university.

Students to whom a place has been allocated must make a formal acceptance or resignation, within the terms and form required in the call. If the student does not accept or does not expressly resign, it will automatically be understood as a resignation, without the possibility of being able to opt for any other destination.

Those students who resign from their position after the established date must explain the reasons for their resignation in writing to the person responsible for exchanges at their school. The center coordinator will assess whether the resignation is considered justified or not. Unjustified withdrawals, as well as non-compliance with the requirements by the student at any time during the process, will be penalized so that any exchange requests that may be made in the future will be relegated to the last place from the list of applicants.

The award of a place does not necessarily imply the award of a scholarship.

Additional assessment for knowledge of foreign languages

Language level will count up to a maximum of 2 points during the selection process when grading submitted applications. Students who wish to obtain an additional assessment for language knowledge will need to present supporting certifications qualified in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

If they do not have certifications or if the certifications are not qualified according to the MECR, students can take an exam at the UAB Language Service, which issues a certificate attesting to language skills in English, French, German or Italian. The schedule for taking the tests is published on the website of the Language Service and on the UAB website, in the English exams section.

This documentation must be attached to the application within the deadline for opening the call (except in the case of students taking exams organized by the Language Service, the results of which will be sent directly to the International Relations Area and the centers). Students of degrees taught at the UAB in the vehicular language in which mobility will take place (see the list approved by the Academic Affairs Committee on 26.11.2015) who have passed 50% of the course credits, they will get the extra 2 points.

In the event that the university requires it, the selected person must present the supporting documentation of the required language level. This documentation must be delivered after the selection in the established terms and form.

Those students who have applied for the first period and who have not obtained a place in the first resolution and those who have obtained a place and have given up to opt for a vacancy, will be able to enter the application (in Sigm@), between December 21, 2023 and January 8, 2024 and request vacancies. You can see the vacant destinations in Sigma.

Please find the list of Erasmus destinations in the Catalan version of the website.

IMPORTANT: It is the student's responsibility to check the requirements on knowledge of the language of instruction, subjects that can be taken, minimum number of ECTS or other requirements on the website of the destination university.


The SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación) is the entity that distributes financial funds from the European Union and the MEFP (Ministry of Education and Professional Training) to provide scholarships to students participating in the Erasmus+ program. Scholarships will be awarded following the same criteria used during the selection process until all funds awarded are covered. Students with an allocated place do not have to go through any formalities expressly in order to receive the basic and/or the additional aid, they only have to apply for the aid from the Banco de Santander and the MOBINT grant from the AGAUR.

In order to guarantee the agility in the payment of the aid, it is recommended that you attach a "Certificate of ownership of the bank account" in the Personal Area of the SIA. Beneficiary students will receive the aid from the Erasmus+ program by bank transfer in two payments: the first, after leaving, for an approximate amount of 70% of the total awarded. To access the first payment, the following steps must have been completed: Submit the original digitally signed Subsidy Agreement; Filled out the Banking data section in the sigm@ application; Presented the Certificate of Arrival and Presented the digitally signed “Declaration of responsibility/travel”. All 4 steps are essential to receive payment, you will find more information on how to complete each step in the Informational Dossier.

The second payment, with the remaining amount, will be made when the student has returned and completed the following procedures: Bring the original Certificate of Stay signed by the destination university (which must also clearly state the start dates and of the end of the stay: day, month and year) and Completed the report on the stay carried out through the CE application (Beneficiary Module).

For the start month and the end month of stay, which are usually not full months, the day of departure and return will be taken into account and will be paid proportionally to the days of actual stay in those months ( calculating based on which one month is equal to 30 days).

All those students who, by September 30 of the year following the stay, have not submitted the required documentation, will be given the scholarship as having been waived and will therefore be required to return the amount I would have paid them. Failure to deliver the documentation within the established period will entail the return of all amounts paid.

The decision to award places for the call does not necessarily imply the granting of financial aid, which will depend on the approval of the budgets allocated to the programs by the different institutions involved. In the event that there are no grants for all the students with allocated places, priority will be given to the mobilities of the UAB's own centres, granting a maximum of 10% of the grants to students from affiliated centres. In the event that there are no grants for all students, 85% of the grants from the Erasmus+ mobility calls will go to undergraduate students, 10% to master's students and 5% to doctoral students. The rest of the students who take a mobility stay with the Erasmus+ program can do so in the "zero scholarship" modality without financial endowment.

Allocation of aid - Table of aid amounts (Individual Support) according to funding fund (Erasmus+ project) and destination countries:

Group 1
Countries with a higher cost of living
Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden

 310€/month (o 350€/month)

Group 2
Countries with a medium cost of living
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal and Cyprus

 260€/month (o 300€/month)

Group 3
Countries with a lower cost of living
Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Pooònia, Republic of North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Turkey

 210€/month (o 250€/month)

Additional allowance for students with all opportunities (for all country groups): €250/month

The students with the few opportunities are the ones who complete one of these criteria:
•    Haver-benefits from a study scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Professional Training, from a scholarship for university studies and other higher studies granted by the Department of Education, Linguistic Policy and Culture of the Basque Country, during the previous course or during the current course of the call.
•    Have the status of refugee or person with subsidiary protection or have submitted an application for international protection to Spain.
•    Have recognized and qualified a disability equal to or greater than 33% and accredit-ho.
•    Having other documentable health problems, including serious illnesses, chronic illnesses or any other situation related to physical or mental health that makes participation in mobility difficult.
•    Have exemption from taxes for some of the following reasons: named family, victims of gender violence and victims of terrorism during the course in which the state is carried out.
•    Have exemption from taxes for some of the following reasons:  Finestreta Program scholarships, Salari-Ítaca scholarships.
•    Have any of these other situations and accredit: regarding the provision of minimum vital income or minimum insertion income, regarding the benefit of orphanages, having a social service report that accredits the situation of risk of exclusion social of the family unit, have a certificate of dependency status or participants with dependent persons in a career, students with full-time work contracts and/or single-parent family.

If you meet any of the requirements, it is necessary to accredit it in advance at Sigma.

Complementary fee to the individual support for ecological travel – Students who choose to make an ecological journey receive a one-time contribution of 50 EUR in concept of complementary import to the individual support and end up with 4 days of additional individual support to cover the travel days in a flood and tornado suit, if applicable. The payment of this complementary import is made at the end of the exchange status with a copy of the status certificate. If you have made an ecological trip to the sea and/or to the tornado of the last intercanvi state, you will have to fill out this form and attach the signed sworn declaration. It is considered an ecological trip made by train, bus or cotxe shared.

For students of their own centers and of the FUAB Formació School. Banco Santander will offer scholarships complementary to the Erasmus+ scholarships for the 2023/24 academic year. The UAB has received a total of 50 scholarships:

  • 2 scholarships of €1000
  • 48 scholarships of €500

These scholarships will be awarded according to the criteria established by Banco Santander, according to the academic criteria. Statuses shorter than 2 months in duration will not be financed because the students register in the term indicated at the oficial website.

The scholarships are intended for students with the highest participation grade, prioritizing the larger scholarships for students who received a general scholarship from the Ministry in the previous academic year and/or who legally accredit a disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Scholarships of more than €500 will be paid in two terms: to qualify for the first payment of 70% of the total scholarship, two signed copies of the subsidy agreement must be sent to the banking department to The SIGMA application with the IBAN of Banco de Santander, has completed the certificate of arrival and signed the Declaration of Responsibility. All 4 steps are essential to complete the payment. The second payment will be the remaining 30%, and it is necessary for the student to have to present the status certificate.

Scholarships of amounts equal to or less than €500 will be paid in a single term: in order to access the payment of 100% of the total scholarship, you must send two signed copies of the subsidy agreement, to have completed the details section banks to the SIGMA application with the IBAN of Banco de Santander, have completed the certificate of arrival and signed the Declaration of Responsibility. All 4 steps are essential to complete the payment. Tanmateix, it is obligatory at the student's turn to present the status certificate.

COMPLEMETARIS ADJUTATIONS for all two Erasmus+ programs and UAB Exchange Programme: MOBINT – AGAUR Scholarships

The Agència de Gesció d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR) calls for each and every adjustment to international mobility. In previous calls, the amount will be €200 per month for a maximum of 6 months.

More information at, “beques i ajuts” section.

Interested parties should submit the application directly to AGAUR within the terms established by that agency.


There are other adjustments that grant Countries, Autonomous Communities, Regional Councils, Foundations, etc. These settings are compatible with the rest of the current settings.


In case the subsidy of the atur or other scholarships for the international exchange states is open, contact the organization that grants the economic adjustment to determine whether or not it is compatible with the Erasmus+ scholarship. If not, participation in the Erasmus+ program is free without economic adjustment, in the form of zero scholarship.

The Spanish agency for Erasmus+ SEPIE offers institutions and organizations participating in the Erasmus+ program specific support on topics related to inclusion (special needs, refugees, people with less resources), which you will find in this link. In this document you will find more information.

Participants, students and teaching and administrative staff, will be able to present documentation to receive additional mobility aid. Inclusion support is financial support to cover additional costs for students and staff with fewer opportunities who participate in mobility activities of the Erasmus+ program. To access this support, participants must have a recognized and legally qualified disability of a degree equal to or greater than 33%, or suffer from physical, mental or health problems duly certified through the corresponding medical certification, as well as comply with the rest of admissibility criteria established in the Program.

The amount will cover 100% of the actual subsidized costs that are requested, directly related to your disability, provided that they are not covered through the budgetary categories of "travel" (if applicable) and "individual support", including the additional aid for students with fewer opportunities. (Among the subsidized expenses are the following: special/adapted transportation of the participant in the host country, escorts, professional services, preparatory visits and other expenses.)

Request the additional allowance using this form, for the Erasmus KA131 program.

All participants who request "Apoyo a la inclusión" based on actual costs will have to prove their degree of disability and documentably justify to the institution of higher education of origin or coordinator of the mobility consortium the actual expenses corresponding to the amount of the additional aid received .

Call 2023/24

Resolution of 11 January 2024, which reassigns grants from EU and UAB funds, can be consulted at this link.

The international mobility call for the 2023-2024 academic year will be open from October 24 to November 7, 2022. You can consult the map of destinations and updated information on the international mobility call.

You can also consult the Presentation of the International Relations Department or the Presentation of the ECIU University.

You can check the Erasmus+ Program dossier.

You can check the Conditions of the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement for students with assistance of the KA131 2022 project.

You can check the Conditions of the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement for students with assistance of the KA131 2023 project.

Resolution of 30 October 2023, which reassigns grants from EU and UAB funds, that you can check in this link.

On October 13, 2023 the publication of the Third extraordinary resolution Erasmus+ Programme modality studies and UAB Exchange Programme course 2023/2024

Resolution of 12 September 2023, reassigning grants from the EU and the UAB, that you can check in this link.

Resolution of 14 July 2023, for which the grants from European Union funds, KA131 2022 and 2023 projects are awarded, co-financed by the Ministry of Universities to students with a degree within the framework of the Erasmus+, modalidad Estudios, 2023-24 academic year

On June 16, 2023 the publication of the Second extraordinary resolution Erasmus+ modalidad Estudios and UAB Exchange Programme academic year 2023/2024

Resolution of June 15, 2023 of the mobility aids "Santander Erasmus Scholarships" 2023/2024

You can ckech this information in the link of the resolution of mobility grants "Santander Erasmus Scholarships" 2023/2024

On April 17, 2023, the publication of the First resolution Extraordinary Erasmus + modalidad Estudios y UAB Exchange Programme 2023/2024

On January 20, 2023, the final decision on the call for international mobility for the 2023/24 academic year will be published

On December 12, 2022, the resolution of the call for international mobility for the 2023/24 academic year will be published.