DRAC Programme

DRAC Programme

Xarxa Vives (XVU) is an association of non-profit universities that promotes the relationship between the university institutions of Catalonia, the Valencian Country, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia of the North, Andorra and even other territories with geographic, historical, cultural and linguistic boundaries, to create a university space that allows coordination of teaching, research and cultural activities and enhance the use and normalization of your own language.

The DRAC mobility programme (Docence, Research and Cultural Activities) aims to promote the mobility of the entire university community of the Xarxa Vives, by granting grants to stay among the universities of the Xarxa Vives participating in the programme.

The DRAC grants are aimed at undergraduate, master's and doctoral students and university staff (PDI and PTGAS). The application period for grants is always open and two resolutions are published for academic year, on 15 September and 28 February.

Object of the grant:
- In the case of students, attend courses, seminars, research stays or other activities of the Xarxa Vives or the universities participating in the DRAC program.

- In the case of university staff (PTGAS and PDI), carry out stays in services, offices or laboratories equal to or similar to their own or participate in conferences or meetings related to the workplace, as well as to teach in Catalan or participate in projects to disseminate Catalan in the universities participating in the DRAC program.

In all cases, they must meet the following requirements:

1. The destination of mobility must be one of the universities participating in the DRAC program or activities organized by them or by the XVU.

2. It must mean a trip to a university other than one's own and that it is at least 50 km away.

3. Non-face-to-face activities are excluded from receiving the mobility grant.

4. This aid is incompatible with other aids or payments for the same activity.
As for the duration, the stays of the students must have a maximum duration of 15 school days and those of the university staff of 5 working days.

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