Erasmus+ & Exchange Studies Incoming

Cofinançat pel programa Erasmus + de la UE

The UAB is a public university with 50 years of history. Its main campus is located in Bellaterra, just 35-40 minutes by train from Barcelona city.  We receive more than 2,000 exchange students every year. If you would like to do an exchange with us and enjoy our beautiful green campus, keep reading!

You will find here all the relevant information you need to apply within the Erasmus+ programme.

Check our Fact Sheet 2024/25 for the Erasmus+ exchange programme.

This information is aimed at students coming within the framework of an Erasmus+ exchange agreement. If your home university hasn’t signed a student mobility agreement with the UAB, you could come within our Study Abroad programme (check out here the different options).

Important: At the time of registration you will have to pay a small amount of €4.48 complentary insurance payment. (For students enrolling in affiliated schools, this condition may change as the schools have their own insurance procedures).

You can find out more about legal procedures and practical information in the International Support Service (ISS) webpage.

Please also visit our FAQs for exchange students.

Still have questions? Send us an email to


Your home university has to nominate you according to the exchange agreement, the available spots and study area signed with UAB.

If you want to come to UAB during the First semester or the Full year, your nomination should be received from the 15th of February to the 1st of May at the latest. To come during the Second semester, your nomination should be received from the 15th of September to the 1st of November.

You should check the available courses at your host faculty at UAB to make sure that you will find similar courses in your home university to prepare your Learning Agreement.

You will receive an email with the instructions to submit our online exchange application at (Mobility and Exchange\ INcoming students - Signing  up and application form). You should fill out the application with the same information we received in the nomination and within the following application periods:

  • First semester or full year: from the 15th of February to the 15th of May (starting in September)
  • Second semester: from the 15th of September to the 15th of November (starting in February)


It is VERY IMPORTANT to enter the number of your national ID, or your passaport number only in case you hold a non-EU nationality. Please note that you will not be able to change this number after the registration process.

To get access to master’s courses, the approval of the master’s coordinator at the UAB is compulsory. You should contact the Exchange Office of the faculty about how to get the approval.

You can only take master's courses if the agreement signed with your university includes master's level of studies.


Once we have checked your online application, if everything is correct, we will send the acceptance letter. This process can take some weeks or months, depending on the date you filled out the application and other specificities of the nomination.

Once you have been accepted as an exchange student, you will be contacted by your host faculty (via email) regarding the course selection, learning agreement, enrolment, etc. Once you have been accepted to study at the UAB and if your centre has informed you that you can now see the subjects that you want to register for, you should go to, here you will find a guide that will help you. If you have any questions about this, contact the Exchange Offices. The learning agreement has always to be sent to the Exchange Offices.

On this page you will find the general academic offer of the UAB. To make sure that the subjects you are interested in are open to exchange students, consult the Exchange Office of the relevant faculty or school.

The course schedule is fixed during July and there is no possibility to change the semester of the courses. Furthermore, the exams are also established in January and June. In case you have to leave earlier, you can try to agree it with the professor, but it is only accepted under very exceptional situations.

Please note that to get access to master’s courses, the approval of the master’s coordinator at the UAB is compulsory. You should contact the Exchange Office of the faculty about how to get the approval.

If the agreement signed with your home university does not include master’s level of studies, your admission will be for fourth year courses in our 4-year bachelor programmes.

Students must arrive four to five days before the course beginning. The Exchange Office at your faculty will send you all the information regarding the enrolment previously. Depending on the faculty, the enrolment will be face to face at your arrival or online. Just follow the instructions received by your Exchange Office.

The International Support Service (ISS) will also contact you to attend an online welcome session by the beginning of September. The ISS will give you the exact details of the meeting. It is very important that you attend this session.

Also, the International Welcome Days are organised by the Community Involvement team usually during the week before the beginning of the classes. A few weeks before your arrival, you will get an email about how to join them and the activities they hold.

Enjoy your time at the UAB!