Visitors Registration

In order to have access to the different services the university offers either the teaching and researchers’ staff, the student body and the administrative staff that are invited to the UAB must be registered in the database of the university proper.

Regardless of the duration of their stay, the different centers of the UAB must request the register of this visitors the following through these online forms:

Once the registration is done an email will be sent to both the department and the visitor in order to confirm the registration in the UAB’s database alongside with the following steps that will grant them the ability to arrange for their UAB card in case that’s possible due to their situation.


  • Not be enrolled in the UAB proper nor being part of any of the different exchange programs the university has.
  • Not be hired as PAS or PDI In the UAB.
  • Be officially invited by the department or institution where the visit will take place.
  • Have health insurance (The health card if they hold a Spanish nationality or the European Healthcare Card/ health insurance if they are from abroad).
  • Non-EU citizens must have their visa or residence permit depending on their country of origin and the duration of their stay.


  1. Proper invitation made either by the department or the institution within the UAB.
  2. Proper documentation asked by the department or the institution.
  3. Authorization made by the headmaster of the department (model).
  4. Request for linkage made by the department.
  5. Application made by the International Support Service (ISS) -and the Personnel Area in case of those who are academic and/or researches-.
  6. Sending of the email confirming the linkage both to the person and to the department with both the information and instructions for them to be able to access the services offered by the campus.
  7. If there is a renewal the process will be repeated from the start.