Healthcare Insurance


Any foreign student, researcher or professor coming to a Catalan university must have medical insurance cover.

If you are from outside of the European Economic Area, you should check whether there is an agreement for healthcare between the Social Security of your country and the Social Security of Spain. If there is such an agreement, you should submit the necessary documents in your country so that you can have free access to Spanish public healthcare.

In the case of renewing your Residence Card (NIE, TIE) you have to check if the above mentioned document replaces the obligation to present a private medical insurance regarding illness and accidents (Social Security does not include the repatriation to your home country). For more information, contact the ISS.

If your country has no healthcare agreement with the Spanish Social Security system, you should take out private insurance cover for the whole time of your stay in Spain.

The private medical insurances need to ensure no less than 30.000 euros in the basic services (hospitalization, etc.), without gaps of coverage or co-payments.

The insurance company OMNIBUS is offering an insurance for incoming international students, researchers and professors of UAB that covers medical expenses referring to illness, accidents and repatriation, among others. You will find information about its benefits and rates in the following link, where you can also purchase it on line.

Insurance MOBILITY "IN"

Important: To be applicable for this insurance it is compulsory to be enrolled at UAB. Therefore you have to enter your NIU (identification number of enrolled UAB students, researchers or professors), NIA (identification number of admitted UAB students, researchers or professors) or NIP (identification number of admitted UAB exchange students).