Public Health-Care System

Catalonia has a public health system that offers universal healthcare to its inhabitants.

The primary care centers (CAP in Spanish) are the first place where you can go if you need to access that free healthcare assistance. In there, they treat the most usual health-related problems, diagnosis and social aid included. For more difficult situation -specialized treatments or surgical interventions- hospitals would be the next in line.

Each CAP uses a proximity criterium for its patients. Once signed up they will assign you a doctor and, if you have children under your care, a pediatrician Unless the situations are urgent, you would first need to go said doctor in order to have access to a specialized one. You must keep in mind that the public dental healthcare merely covers diagnosis, preventive procedures and therapeutic-related  ones (such is the case with infections or swelling). 

In order to sign up to the Catalan healthcare system (CatSalut) you must be registered in your residency area. Once you have signed up you will receive your individual healthcare card (TSI) that will grant you access to the centers and services the system offers. This card is linked to your person only and each family member must have their own, age notwithstanding. 

If you haven’t signed up in the Social Security system you must have a private healthcare insurance that must cover your stay in Spain.