Get your TIE

Foreigners Identification Card (TIE)

TIE FOR RESIDENCE PERMIT (The one being exempt of any work authorization or the residence permit according to the 14/2013 law) 

Note: If the authorization indicated in the resolution expires in less than six months from the moment it has been notified you will not need to ask for the emission of the TIE itself. Yet, you will need to fill in for the asked documentation upon expiration if you wish to stay longer for those six months one of them being the previous renewal papers. 

Needed documents: 

  1. Permit of the previous resolution (it can be the email message notifying of such a thing)*
  2. Receipt of the authorization’s solicitation or the electronic receipt of its presentation*.
  3. Passport.
  4. Previous TIE card.*
  5. 1 id-sized picture: new, no black and white, and with white background.
  6. Original census registration in case of changing places from the original one that should be written on your TIE card [if you haven’t moved then you don’t need to present it]
  7. Receipt of the 790 tax 012 code form the Ministerio del Interior. 
  8. Signed contract.
  9. Appropriate forms depending on context: 
  •      Residence Permit with the exemption of any work authorization: EX-17
  •      Residence and work permit according to 14/2013: model.

* Needed documentation in case of a renewal. 

Once you have the aforementioned documentation you must hand it in going in person to the Office of the National Police from Barcelona’s province. For that, you will need to acquire an appointment via this website: Cita Previa TIE. Remember that you can ask for an appointment in every other Office, regardless of the one closest to your census registration information.