Acredited work experience

Certifying Professional Experience

This type of access is aimed at applicants who do not have the necessary academic qualification granting access to university studies, but, through their professional background, already have an understanding of thier field of study.

Please keep in mind that the decision on which studies are made available to access for over-40s is made on a faculty/school basis. Applicants over 40 can also gain admission to the university by taking the over-25s university-access tests.


The requirements to obtain access by previous professional experience are the following:

  • To be aged 40 or older on application for admission.
  • To be without any other qualifications or studies that grant university access to the university by other means.
  • To accredit proof of professional experience related to the degree for which admission is being requested.
Admission Procedures

Personal interview (by appointment).

The personal interview qualification will be valid for three years (the year in which it is passed and another two) and only for the same degree study and for the same university where it was passed. It is essential that within the registration period, the candidate makes a request to the University Admissions Office through the Contact Mailbox and requests the validity of the interview for the current year's call. Once the request is received from the OAU, you will be informed of the procedures you must complete. This procedure must be completed within the registration period.


Admission can be requested at the following link: From February 5 to 15, 2024.
Within a single academic year, application can be made to one degree and centre (faculty/school) only.

1% of admissions are reserved for these forms of entry for each undergraduate degree.

Interview date: this will be arranged by the faculty. The Academic Management Office in the faculty that you intend to study in will contact you to confirm the date and time of the interview.

Consult this link for degree courses offering places for the academic year 2024-2025 through the accreditation of work experience.


Admission in this way will be conditional on passing the PAP tests in the degrees that have this requirement.