P-SPHERE This programme will offer 3 years postdoctoral fellowship to a total of 48 experienced researchers under Cofund Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

September-December 2018

Date:  13/12/2018, from 10 to 12h.
Venue: Room 1+2, Doctoral School
Language: English
Trainer: Xavier Vallvé, Head of the Office of Patent Valuation UAB
Addressed to: P-Sphere fellows, postdocs and predocs in their last PhD years

This seminar provides a theoretical overview of patents, know-how, and utility models. At the end of the session, researchers will acquire basic knowledge about how to protect research and how to manage patents.

The course will be completely practical. After registration, we'll share some videos explaining theoretical concepts (it is required to watch them before attending the course).

  • Uses of Technology-based Intellectual Property (or how to become a smarter researcher).
  • Patents: Requirements and exclusions, structure, prosecution, and infringement.
  • Utility models.
  • Know-how: when to keep information confidential and comparison with patents.
  • Patent information: how to take advantage of research patented by others, and multiple uses of using patent databases.
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Date:  14/11/2018, from 9 to 17 a.m.
Venue: Sala Polivalent (Parc de Recerca)
Language: English
Trainer: Carlos Álvarez and Andrea Marí (KIM Bcn)
Addressed to: P-Sphere fellows

This session aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship culture by using methodologies and tools that foster proactivity in researchers. Thus, researchers will be able to generate business solutions and create companies that will be key elements to link science, technology and markets.

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Date:  04/10/2018, from 10 to 11 a.m.
Venue: Room 1 – Doctoral School
Language: Spanish
Trainer: Anabel Poveda
Addressed to: P-Sphere fellows

This session will provide an overview of the career opportunities for postdocs in Catalonia and Spain.

  • Common features
  • Specific calls:
    • Beatriu de Pinós
    • Juan de la Cierva
    • Ramón y Cajal
  • Dates
  • Other calls
  • Applicable legislation
  • Funding management
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Date: 20/09/2018, from 9:00 to 10:00 (only for P-Sphere fellows) and from 10:00 to 13:00 (open sessions, registration needed)
Venue: Sala d'actes del Rectorat
Language: Spanish / English
Addressed to: P-Sphere fellows, postdocs and predocs


9:00 to 09:50 Ethics in the H2020 projects, by José Luis Molina, President of the Ethics Committee (CEEAH). Only for P-Sphere fellows.

10:00 to 10:05 Welcome by Javier Lafuente, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Strategic Projects.
10:05 to 10:50 The UAB Data Protection Office and the Open Science policy, by Jordi Hernández  (Rector's Commissioner for ICT), Agustí Verde (Data Protection Officer) and Xavier Rubiralta (IT Responsible for Data Protection). Spanish.
11:00 to 13:00 Data Management, by Dr. Pilar Rico (OpenAire project), English.
  1. What are open access policies and why is this new way of communicating our research results being imposed?
  1. National and European legal framework and specific obligations for the beneficiaries of the State Plan and H2020:
  • Scientific publications: when and where to publish research articles in open access
  • What to do with research data
  • The Data Management Plan, what it is and how to do it
  • Resources and infrastructures to publish in open access
  1. The importance of open access in the preparation of H2020 proposals

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- Ethics in the H2020 Programme, by José L. Molina
- Getting our Services Ready for Open Access, by Jordi Hernández
- General Data Protection Regulation, by Agustí Verde and Xavier Rubiralta
- Open Access Policies to Publications and Research Data, by Pilar Rico