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Define goals and target

Definition of objectives and target

The first thing is to decide what to teach. It could be related to a subject you already teach in the classroom or through the Online Campus converted into a MOOC or a new one.
In either case, due to the open nature of MOOCs you have to be able to demonstrate that you are an expert in the field and the field will generate interest not just within the UAB but also with the general public.
The objectives should answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What point do you want to reach?

Robert Frank Mager, in his book Preparing Instructional Objectives, suggest that to establish really useful learning objectives the following four factors should be taken into account:

  • Who? Define the target
  • What? Some kind of behaviour that describes what you hope the target can do.
  • How? The conditions or demands that the behaviour has to demonstrate.
  • How much? A level that determines the criteria for acceptable progress and enables it to be valued.

Good objectives enable us to:

  • Know where we want to go with the training.
  • Facilitate its assessment.
  • Facilitate the enthusiasm and motivation of the group.
  • Reorientate the course.
  • Choose the most appropriate methods.

Target: the definition of the target for MOOCs is very open as a result of their nature but some basic requirements should be defined for acceptance on the course.

Prior considerations

In MOOCs the following points should be considered previously and will help with planning with course:

  • Course duration.
  • Student working pace: estimated workload (number of hours per week).
  • Content structure.
  • Learning activities.
  • Monitoring and assessment.
  • Deciding on tools for communicating with students.
  • Taking into account the globality of the students.