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Portal structure

Structure of the portal

The structure of the portal is very similar to that for courses held through the Online Campus.
When accessing the course we have the following view:

Learner's course view
Left column
Welcome page – which contains links to the contents of every week.

Qualifications – list of the assessments that the learner is requested to pass. The learner can see his/her progress in the course and access directly the assessments.

Discussion forums – view of the discussion forums, one of the main communication tool in a MOOC.

Resources – optional. List of information pages or resources important for the course.

Course information – which contains basic information about the course.

Central column
Provides an overview of the weeks, its contents, the estimated workload and the progress of the learner.
It also offers a timeline with information about the start date and end date of the session in which the student is enrolled in.