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Production and video editing

Production and edition of video content

If the UAB selects you for a MOOC it will provide:

  • Materials such as a PC, software, table, microphone and webcam, if necessary.
  • Technical and support staff for courses for:
    • Train you in the recording of videos and the use of the platform
    • Editing the videos
    • Solve doubts and issues
    • Manage the technical issues

For the production and recording of videos, the APSI-Planificació will make available to you its team and training in the video editing program Camtasia Studio (which can be used to record onto a computer screen and thereby create visual presentations and tutorials).

Types of video

A MOOC can have a wide variety of types of videos. Some examples are:

  • Image of the lecturer + PowerPoint: lecturers accompany their explanations with a PowerPoint presentation. The lecturer’s photo appears in a small window on the PowerPoint slides.
  • Image of the lecturer + tablet: the lecturer explains the content in a dynamical way (drawing, writing or making schemes) with the use of a tablet.
  • Image of the lecturer with no additional support.
  • Outlined concepts. The lecturer explains the content while the most relevant concepts appear on the screen.
  • Reportage.

Elements to take into account


  • Recommended length of videos is 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Indicate the duration of the video.
  • Subtitling: the Coursera platform will do the subtitling for you.
  • Make sure you do some planning if you want to include questions for an in-video quiz. These questions are not graded but are designed to keep the interest of the student. If you want to include this element you should indicate the exact time the questionnaire or question needs to be inserted.