Apply for grants

Conditional grant-holder registration

You can enrol as a conditional grant-holder if:

1. You fulfil the academic requirements of the 2019-2020 general grants (this will be checked when you make your registration).
2. You held one of the following grants for the 2018-2019 term (this is automatically checked when you make your registration):

a. General grant holders in the UAB.
b. General grant holders in another Catalan university.
c. Bachillerat grant holders in a Catalan secondary school.

If you register you do not fulfil point 2, before registration you will need to get Financial certificate to provisionally enrol as a grant-holder for the 2018-2019 term. Bear in mind that this certificate can take 10 days to be ready. Apply for it at the Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR) website. The application is made in a single procedure, which also includes the application for the Equity scholarship.

If you have enrolled already and you hand in your financial certificate later, it will not be possible to change your type of registration as grant holder until your grant application has not been approved. Therefore, you need to apply for this certificate as soon as possible.

Bear in mind:

  • To keep the advantage of a grant-holder and not making the payment of your fees, you must apply for the general grant for university studies.
  • If you want to get the Equity grant, you need to apply for it on the AGAUR website.
    • Take into account that Equity grant will only cover first-time enrolled credits and that the corresponding reduction will take place on December.
    • Students from the engineering branch of knowledge check the AGAUR website for reductions on applying for Equity grant, regardless of family income.

When AGAUR or the Ministry of Education reject your grant application, the University charges your registration fees to the bank account you gave to your management academic office.
Even if you lodge an appeal you will have to pay the registration fee.

Registration modifications with a grant application

Registration modifications that change the number of credits enrolled and other academic requirements established in the grant call, can have consequences regarding your application approval or rejection.

Therefore, if you apply for a grant, bear in mind the academic requirements you need to fulfil to make registration amendments.

General grants

  • You can apply for the general grant at the AGAUR.
  • The AGAUR will manage your application in Catalonia.
  • Fill in your details in your application carefully: bear in mind that if you do not complete this process right and your application does not go through, the Ministry will consider you have not requested the grant, regardless of the cause. Check and print the receipt attesting you have completed the application process.
  • Fill in your family and personal data thoroughly as they will be checked by the corresponding administration.
  • Check your grant status in the Virtual Office (OVT) website. You will find there up-to-date information on your grant.
  • You need to submit the requested documentation to the AGAUR or in the academic management office, together with your application receipt.
  • If you have already been studying in another university and you are now starting undergraduate or master's degree studies at UAB, you will need to submit, for grant management purposes, the complete academic record of the previous studies that grant you access to our University.
Bear in mind that your identification document (DNI/NIE) number in your grant application must be the same as the one in the personal data of your registration form.

  • You will find all the information regarding academic, financial and other requirements in the Ministry of Education and AGAUR websites.
  • Should any questions regarding your grant arise while filling the Ministry of Education form, you will need to contact them on the phone number or e-mail address provided in their form webpage.
  • If AGAUR or the Ministry reject your grant, the bank account you provided on registration will be charged with the amount due for enrolment.
  • Even if you present an appeal in this respect, you will have to pay the registration.
  • In order to get your grant, you will have to  meet the requirements for the 2017/2018 call, the fact that you could or not enrol as a provisionary grant-holder does not change the final decision.

Equity grant

  • You can apply for the equity grant in the AGAUR website, in the Generalitat de Catalunya Virtual Office.

  • You must be an undergraduate student in one of the UAB centres.
  • You cannot have previous university studies, unless you have entirely completed in universities that apply their own private fees.
Remember that the equity grant will only cover credits enrolled for the first time and that the university will apply the corresponding grant reduction in December.

Engineering students can check the AGAUR website to find other possible reduction on their credit price with the equity grant.