International Projects Office

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International Projects Office

The International Projects Office promotes the participation of research groups in international programs and calls. The OPI offers comprehensive advice on the development of research and educational projects while offering the possibility of managing international projects (ERC and H2020 / HEU coordinated) 

  1. Promotion 
  2. Assessment and planning 
  3. Support for proposals acting as coordinator 
  4. Negotiation stage  
  5. Project management
International Projects Office
Position Name Contact
International Projects Office
Head of Office Núria Claver +34935812940


Xavier Biarnés +34935812077
Silvia Bronsoms +34935813752
Alejandra Campos +34935814999
Verónica Colombo +34935868630
Elena Gabarra  +34935811363
Paqui Rabadán +34935813752
Dulce Tienda +34935814060
Jordi Malapeira +34935814999
Marina Utges +34935814060
Post-award Team Coordinator Montse Paredes +34935813209
Post-award Susana Aragón
Marta Cayetano
Mònica Cervera
Noelia Donado
Paloma Heredia
Encarna Poncela
Manuela Romero
Óscar Ruiz 
Vanessa del Pino +34935868827
Laura Jiménez +34935813130
Laura Vea +34935813209
Marta Viana +34935868666
Administration Jesús Manuel Álvarez +34935814647
Míriam Folch +34935868034
Information management Eduard Sala +34935868062

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