International Projects Office

Information to participate in international calls

Documentation for international projects

On this page you can find the necessary resources for the preparation and management of international projects.

This document contains information about the University that UAB research groups can use for their Horizon Europe and other programs project proposals. The document is a base that serves to describe the institution in general, it is necessary to select the most interesting aspects for the proposal and complement it with information from the research group or institute in particular.

It is an essential requirement that you contact the OPI ( when submitting a proposal for either Horizon Europe or any other research program. OPI will validate the viability of the proposal and the budget.

In this document you can find the basic UAB information needed to participate in Horizon Europe calls, including the UAB PIC Number.

In this document cyou can find the basic data of the UAB to use when presenting proposals to the Erasmus + program. Remember that you must first request the institutional approval through this form.