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European Partnerships

European Partnerships

European partnerships are initiatives in which the EU, together with public and private partners, aims to boost the contribution of science and innovation as a driver of the economy.

In this edition the framework program includes a great commitment to the cooperation of the private sector, so 49 public-private partnerships have been validated that will play key roles in the program.

The aim is to lead new research and innovation activities to achieve specific ambitious and measurable goals that benefit societies.

Co-programmed Co-funded Institutionalized
Partnerships between the Commission and private and/or public partners Partnerships involving public authorities Created for the long term to meet the need for high integration; partnerships based on Articles 185 / 187 of TFEU and the EIT Regulation supported by Horizon Europe
In HEU: they will be included in the work programs (WP) of the clusters. HEU participation rules In HEU: co-funding from the member states

In HEU: independent programs with their own calls outside the WP and rules similar to HEU, but not 100% equal.

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