Research Valorisation

Valorisation and Patents Office (Tech Transfer Office)

The Valorisation and Patents Office at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is responsible for managing the university's research results, with the aim of transferring them to society. This includes the management of the University's industrial property, from the patent application to the promotion and collection of funding to enhance these results, and the transfer of research results through licensing.

Competences and responsibilities:

  • Support services in protection strategies (IPR)
  • Assessment and protection of research results
  • Preparation of studies of patentability and technological vigilance
  • Assessment of research results: definition of trial-concept, search for funding, search for partners
  • Preparation of transfer agreements: drafting, reviewing and discussing conditions with third parties
  • Participation, together with PRUAB, in the process of commercialising and creating technology-based companies
  • Preparation, execution and delivery of UAB projects, within their own sector, which are financed by the administrations 
  • Participation in national and international networks
  • Organisation of training workshops, information and awareness-raising in and out of the university community.
Valorization and Patents Office (Tech Transfer Office)
Position Name Contact
Valorization and Patent Office (Tech Transfer Office)
Head of Office Xavier Vallvé +34935813231
Legal advice Clàudia Morgado +34935814393
IP and technology tranfer managers Jordi Bentanachs +34935813222
Maite Ibern 34935813239
Lucas Martín +34935813229
Carlos Raga +34935813238
Sandra Ramos +34935814846
Valorization manager Martín Buffa +34935814846
Administrative, economic and procedures support Miquel Costa +34935813435
Carlota Sanromà +34935814588

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