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The UAB to coordinate two MSCA Staff Exchanges projects

25 Jul 2023
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The UAB will coordinate two projects selected in the latest call of the MSCA Staff Exchanges programme, and is involved in a third project as a beneficiary partner. The selected projects are K REPORTERS, by Dr Montserrat Rifà; INCASI2, by Dr Pedro López Roldán; and ClearClimate, by Dr Pilar Orero.

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The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions call for Staff Exchanges (MSCA-SE-2022), the results of which were recently announced, has selected two research projects coordinated by the UAB, and a third project in which the UAB participates as a beneficiary partner. The projects will last four years and promote research and innovation through the exchange of staff members from different institutions belonging to the consortium.

The K REPORTERS (Reassembling politics across children's cultures to scale intersectional pedagogies) project is coordinated by the UAB and led by Dr Montserrat Rifà, researcher of the Critical Intersections in Education Group (ATLAS) of the UAB Department of Teaching of Musical, Artistic and Corporal Expression. She will be working in collaboration with researchers Mireia Foradada and Angelina Sánchez, both also from the ATLAS group.

This interdisciplinary, international and intersectorial project aims to explore children policies and cultures within today’s societies from the perspective of decolonial childhood studies. The project legitimises the discourses of childhood as scientific knowledge, with the aim of improving child wellbeing - a main axis in building democratic communities - through the design of intersectional educational tools for professionals. The consortium is formed by 17 institutions (7 of which are non-academic) from 12 different countries, and has a total budget of €1,403,000, of which €547,400 will go to the UAB.

The UAB will also be coordinating the INCASI2 (A New Measure of Socioeconomic Inequalities for International Comparison) project, led by Dr Pedro López Roldán, researcher at the Institute for Labour Studies (IET) and the Centre for Sociological Studies on Daily Life and Labour (QUIT), both from the UAB Department of Sociology.

The project will provide continuity to the INCASI network, formed by 29 entities: 14 European universities, 11 Latin American universities and 4 non-academic centres. The consortium works to analyse socioeconomic inequalities in a comparative, interdisciplinary, International and intersectorial manner. The project’s global objective is to set up a worldwide network of experts and use a common research programme to build a new analytical model of socioeconomic inequalities and foster European values of social justice. The project will receive a total of €1,656,000 and the UAB will be allocated €216,200.

In this year’s call, the UAB also participates as a beneficiary partner in the ClearClimate (Engaging approaches and services for meaningful climate actions) project. The project’s principal investigator (PI) at the UAB will be Dr Pilar Orero from the Department of Translation, Interpreting and East Asian Studies.

ClearClimate aims to create an International, interdisciplinary and intersectorial environment in which to train creative researchers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to face the main challenges existing in developing the Climate Information Services. The project will receive a total of €1,209,800, of which €188,600 will be assigned to the UAB.

In this MSCA-SE-2022 a total of 13 projects will be coordinated by organisations in Spain. The  total amount of the call is €77.5 million and will be distributed among the 73 international cooperation research projects with the aim of fostering knowledge and innovation transfer.

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