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UABecedari (S02)


The second season is here!

The UABecedari has even more letters to explain, so it returns with a second season full of new university concepts.

After the first season of UABecedari with Bea Ruano, Cèlia Mayoral takes over to continue explaining concepts and areas of knowledge that the University includes.

The operation remains the same: for each letter, a concept. Celia will explain these terms to you through short videos where you can better understand all the concepts surrounding the university.

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H of Healthcare

It can be said that Autònoma has everything! Have you hurt yourself? Are you stressed? Nervous? Do you have to get vaccinated? Do you want to have a blood test? Do you need the morning-after pill? In this episode Cèlia Mayoral discovers (and flip out!) what resources the UAB offers regarding Healthcare. Urgent and non-urgent medical and nursing care😊

P de Plató

Whoops! In today's episode we visit the set of the Faculty of Communication Studies. Don't miss it, we'll play with the chroma, we'll give you an exclusive and, attention, we'll sneak into the final practice of Sports Journalism, a fourth-year Journalism subject!

O of Observatory

Do you know what the Observatory for Equality is? It's on the side of the cívica and they do a much needed job to build universities with a gender perspective. In this chapter the workers themselves tell you what it is! Attention, did you know that the UAB has a free psychological care service for victims of gender violence at the UAB? All this and much more in the episode with the O, from the Observatory for Equality!

T of Theater

Welcome to a new episode of UABcedari with Cèlia Mayoral. Today we will discover the most artistic side of the UAB, it's the T de Theater! We will sneak into the dressing rooms, talk to Arnau Vidal and the people from Cultura en Viu 🎭. Will you come with me?

G of Ganàpies

Do you know who Ganàpias are? Each one has a casteller gang and our is a pass. The Ganàpies themselves tell you who they are, when they rehearse and, attention, three reasons why you are sure to be future castelleres of the UAB!

N of NIU

Do you know what the NIU is? It is a 7-digit number that has absolutely everyone in the UAB. In this chapter the UABers of Plaça Cívica themselves will explain to you what it is, when they use it and if they know it in memory! Very nice people who will make when they tell you NIU don't think about bird nests:)

I of Idiomes

Have you ever been told that knowing languages is important? At the UAB they make it very easy for you! In this episode of the UABcedari we will know what the Language Service is and how it works, a building integrated within the Bellaterra Campus. In addition, we will talk to Paula, who is currently studying Catalan and English, to tell us about her experience.

P of Pràctiques

In this chapter we will discover that there are curricular and extracurricular internships, how to put the numerical note at the end, what people are involved throughout the internship and ... attention! We'll explain what the Nexus is and how it works!