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The project to make the Life and Health Sciences Urban Campus a reality gets underway

18 Jun 2024
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The project to refurbish the Artèxtil building as a Life and Health Sciences Urban Campus is starting to become a reality. A jury formed by representatives of the UAB, the Sabadell City Council and the Association of Architects has chosen the proposal of the UTE Tomàs Morató & Vivas Arquitectos Barcelona SLP from among the 28 projects that were submitted to the ideas competition.

Marta Farrés i Javier Lafuente

The proposal by Tomàs Morató & Vivas Arquitectos for the adaptation of Artèxtil as the future headquarters of the Life and Health Sciences Urabn Campus stands out for its functionality, good contextualisation with the environment and the city, architectural quality, sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Life and Health Sciences Campus will position Sabadell as a centre for training, research and entrepreneurship related to these fields. The project is the result of the collaboration between the Sabadell City Council, the UAB, the Parc Taulí Corporation and the FUNDIT-ESDI Foundation.

The academic, research and transfer activity will be distributed over an area of 7,625 m2, of which 2,787 m2 will be allocated to the Teaching Unit of the UAB Faculty of Medicine. The project has a budget of more than 5.7M euros, of which the City Council will finance 4M euros and the UAB the rest. The works are expected to begin in the first half of 2026 and finish in 2027.

Leader in health sciences programmes

The Artéxtil will house, in a first phase, the bachelor's degree in Nursing and, later on, the degree in Medicine, as well as spaces for research and a business incubator, and an area for citizen relations and a possible restaurant area.

The UAB expanded its bachelor's degree in Nursing in the 2022/23 academic year with 150 new places, of which 75 are destined to offer a continuation of studies at the Parc Taulí Teaching Unit, in Sabadell, after two first courses at the Basic Medical Sciences Teaching Unit, located on the Bellaterra campus.

As for the bachelor's degree in Medicine, the UAB also rearranged its studies in the 2021/22 academic year, incorporating 35 new places in the teaching units of Barcelona, Sabadell and Badalona. It is planned that medical students from Sabadell, another degree offered by the UAB Faculty of Medicine, will also join the Artèxtil facilities in the future.

With 240 new places in the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, 80 in the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy, and 385 in the Bachelor's Degree in Medicine, the UAB Faculty of Medicine is a leading reference in Catalonia in health sciences training, an academic field in which the UAB also stands out thanks to the Faculties of Psychology and Veterinary Medicine, as well as other affiliated centres in nursing and physiotherapy.

The UAB, with Sustainable Development Goals

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