ECIU University

Eslogan promocional de ECIU University amb la frase

The European Consortium of Innovative Universities 

The ECIU University is an initiative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities that aims to create a pioneering and innovative model of higher education institutions at a European level, that works as an open and flexible system. 

The ultimate mission of the ECIU University project is to establish a European University where students, researchers, companies, citizens, public organizations and associations can create innovative solutions to solve real-life challenges, and make a real social impact. 

The ECIU University aims to change the way university education is managed, moving from a perspective based exclusively on degrees to one based on multiple opportunities for learning and the achievement of competencies. In that sense, it represents a unique example of a European University that creates, launches and evaluates not only a training model but also an innovation system that includes education, research, valorisation and transfer, as well as administration, governance and environmental relations within a framework of innovation in all of these areas. 

More information at the following link: ECIU University at the UAB or at the main ECIU website.