Minor in Philosophy Studies


The objective of the Minor in Philosophy Studies is to offer basic training in theoretical analysis, critical thinking and current philosophical topics which will enable this knowledge to be applied to the degree courses taken at the UAB. Taking advantage of the markedly interdisciplinary structure of philosophical studies, the idea is to offer students tools in any field of knowledge which they can use to strengthen and reflect on the content of their academic career.

Student profile

This minor is aimed at undergraduate students at the UAB who wish to complete their studies with a selection of basic subjects from the Degree in Philosophy, with the aim of honing, complementing and broadening the interdisciplinary, analytical and critical perspective of the course. No previously knowledge of the subjects that make up this minor is necessary. Philosophy undergraduates may not opt for these courses.


Lectures will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Each year 20 places will be available.
Academic coordination

Pilar Dellunde
Tel. 93 581 32 30
Department of Philosophy