Minor in East Asian Studies


To enrol in a minor students must have passed a minimum of 90 ECTS credits of the degree they are taking at that moment. Before enrolling, students should have an interview with the coordinator of the minor, in order to choose the subjects that best suit their profile, expectations and priorities. To enrol on language subjects they must take an ad hoc test to determine whether they have the appropriate level: A1, A2 or B1 of the CEFR.

Admission criteria

Admission and enrolment on the minor are subject to the regulations of the UAB. If demand is greater than places available, the criterion to be applied is the global average grade of students' academic transcripts.

Process and calendar


At the Academic Administration Office of the centre where the student is enrolled in his/her undergraduate programme.

If the student is admitted to the Minor before enrolling in their undergraduate degree, s/he will be able to enrol in all the courses following the usual enrolment process established at their centre. However, if students are admitted to the Minor after having enrolled in their undergraduate degree, they must inform the Academic Administration Office of their centre of the changes. In this case, no extra fees will be charged for the modifications made.

Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Ten places are offered each year.
Academic coordination

Blai Guarné Cabello
Department of Translation and Interpretation & East Asian Studies