Wellbeing and Development

Wellbeing as a part of the HR Excellence in Research strategy

The UAB is committed to improving the well-being and health of all its members. Therefore, it has implemented a series of initiatives to rise wellness culture on campus.


This project aims to improve the health of the university community as well as to promote healthy environments and habits of life. It also seeks to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly University. Every year, the UAB organises the Healthy and Sustainable Week, with free workshops, conferences, walks and sport activities open to all its members.

Information on all the activities is posted in a blog, together with some other news related to health: eating habits, management of emotions, lifestyle... 

Below you can find some of the conferences scheduled:

Strategies for motivation

Suicide prevention on campus


This is a support service for the university community where the UAB allocates material, financial and human resources to provide physical, instrumental and personal support for preventive, promotional, assistance and research actions related to Health. It has a Psychology Unit that provides psychological assistance to the UAB community with needs, difficulties or suffering related to their personal, professional, emotional and relational life.


Since mid-2020, the Doctoral School has been offering a four-session course based on coaching techniques and mindfulness practices with the aim of combating the anxiety, fears and frustrations that may arise during doctoral studies. This course is framed in the UAB's commitment to provide psychological support and professional advice to early stage researchers and will be followed by new actions in the coming years.

Research Yourself ®
Mode: face-to-face / virtual course
Language: Spanish
Trainers: Elvira Reche and Albert Feliu, PhD in Health Psychology
Adressed to: early stage researchers

Is your doctorate causing you stress? Do you feel overwhelmed by pressure? Are you worried
about your relationship with your supervisor and your team? Do you find it difficult to mantain a
good work/life balance? According to recent studies, earning a doctorate, although gratifying,
can also be a mentally challenging process. For that reason, the Doctoral School has organised
this 4-session course that, by using coaching and mindfulness techniques, will give you tools to
combat the anxiety, fears and frustrations that may arise during this training phase.

Session 1: Improve your emotional regulation and stress
Session 2: Boost your research career in and outside university
Session 3: Improve communication with your team
Session 4: Manage your time till your thesis defense and prepare your life after the doctorate