The purpose of this minor is to help students acquire Italian linguistic, literary, historical and cultural skills and competences with the aim of being efficiently prepared to confront professional and academic environments (institutional, commercial, etc.) in which Italian is essential and indispensable.

Although Italian is a relatively minor language within the international context, it constitutes an essential tool needed to master knowledge and communication in several technological, cultural and scientific sectors: artistic, archaeological, cooking, fashion, industry, etc. It is the ideal additional training for students of History of Art, Musicology, History, Archaeology, Translation, etc.

Student profile

Students taking a Minor in Italian Studies are students enrolled in a UAB degree, interested in completing their university training with specific studies focused on the language, literature and culture of Italy. Students must be interested in complementing their global knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as broadening their cultural and language perspectives with the aim of equipping themselves to be more competitive.


Lectures will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Each year 50 places will be available.
Academic coordination

Eduard Vilella
Tel. 93 581 23 22
Department of French and Romance Languages.