University Master's Degree in Economic Analysis

Training in Economics with a strong emphasis on rigorous analytical thinking and advanced quantitative and computational methods in an international academic community

General information

This Master in Economic Analysis (MAE)  has obtained the distinction International Master's Programme (IMP) awarded by the Government of Catalonia. The evaluation board of the Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Catalonia (AQU) recommended this master's degree for the "Accreditation with Quality" seal.

This research degree prepares its students for academic careers and positions in the private sector and in government and non-government organisations. The programme is completely international: its students come from five different continents, its teaching staff forms part of an international English-speaking community and its graduates go on to join the global employment market.

This is a two-year master's degree worth 120 ECTS credits, in line with the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration. In the programme, students acquire a solid grounding in Economics, with the accent placed on rigorous analytic thinking and advanced quantitative and computational methods. The programme includes a wide range of specialisation options, making its students more competitive in the labour market and helping them to acquire the knowledge needed to proceed further onto doctoral studies.

Career options

The students of the master's degree have two possible pathways open to them after graduating: continuing on to study for a PhD or joining the labour market. Many opt for the first pathway, applying to join either the IDEA PhD or a PhD programme based abroad. Additionally, this master's degree also equips its students for high-quality occupations in finance companies, consultancy services, big-data companies, regulatory bodies and research centres. The occupation rate of its  graduates is 100%. There is also a 100% match-up rate between qualifications and occupation. Looking behind these statistics we find organisations and job offers of extreme prestige.

Occupations of our graduates include: Competition and Markets Authority (UK), Deloitte (Spain), Inter-American Development Bank (Washington DC), Office of Health Economics (UK), KPMG (Spain), IDEA PhD student, MIT PhD student, University of Minnesota PhD student.


Specific grants for this master's degree

The master has a limited number of grants, which are allocated on a competitive basis.

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