Bachelor's Degree in English and Spanish Studies

This is the only bachelor's degree of its kind in Spain, where you will find a solid training in both the English and Spanish languages, literatures and cultures

General information

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 30
  • Admission mark: 5,598
  • Price per credit: 17.69 euros
  • Language: English (47%), Catalan (5%) and Spanish (48%).

  • Academic calendar
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning
Bachelor's Degree in English and Spanish Studies

Graduates in English and Spanish Studies will acquire expert knowledge in both the English and Spanish languages, literatures and cultures. This facilitates entering the workforce in any profession related to languages and multilingualism in any country of the European Union, such as the teaching of English and/or Spanish and cultural mediation, as well as in highly qualified business, tourist and other cultural professions, etc.

The two specialisations offered will allow students to delve deeper into either the field of language, linguistics and comparative grammar, or literature, comparative literature and culture, thanks to a wide range of subjects providing strong professionalising contents.

The degree is programmed by the Departments of English and German and of Spanish, making it an ideal setting for the organisation of this type of interdisciplinary studies.

Career options

- Teaching and the production of didactic materials in both public and private institutions.
- Language technology applications.
- Tourism, public relations and international relations.
- Cultural counselling and management of documentation tasks for publishers, in collaboration with journals and cultural supplements, the coordination and planning of cultural activities for companies, foundations and public institutions.
- Academic research.


Mobility programmes

Professional training


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