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ICTs Recommendations

ICTs Recommendations

Canal TIC

If you are teaching staff, we would recommend:

We advise you to follow our Security advise and recommendations. And don't forget that there is a specific help sectioni n the Virtual Campus environment. 

If you are student, we would recommend :

As in the previous case, we would recommend following Security tips and recommendations. Don't forget that there is a specific help section in the Virtual Campus


First of all, remember you can check Campus Virtual homepage.

If you are teacher, we suggest having a look at the following documentation:

Don't forget that you also have a specific link to online help and support

For students, there is also documentation suited for you. In particular, tools to work remotely.

In the CanalTIC blog,you'll find also a compilation fo tools to work remotely, designed to fit staff (in Catalan or Spanish) and lecturers and researchers needs. There is also a News section, where you can check periodic updates.In particular, you'll find:

Here are some recommendations to make your work, safety, and accessibility to data you may need for work easier:

  • Always keep in mind the recommendations regarding personal data protection.
  • Avoid saving data and files on your computer hard drive or USB drive due to the risk of losing the information if the device fails or cannot be retrieved by other devices.  It is recommended that you save all files to OneDrive.
  • We also recommend that you move all files you regularly work with from the network drives (M:, N:, etc.) to OneDrive, so that you can readily access them when you need them from any device.
  • Decide what resources you need to work away from campus that may require a special procedure (for example, using programmes installed in one specific computer or staying within the UAB network). Contact the assistance and service centre (CAS) if you think you will find yourself in one of these situations.
  • If you think you will need your digital certificate for telematic processes or to sign documents, you will need to make a copy of it in order to install it into the computer you will be using. If you need to use someone else's digital certificate, you must first contact

Whenever possible, please contact support services (Centre d'Assistència i Suport) via e-mail at This will help avoid too many phone calls and optimise available resources.